Christmas Day Buttermilk Pancakes

I enjoy making breakfast for my family and so for Christmas day I wanted to do something simple but special. I chose buttermilk pancakes with a treat of ZOI yogurt with granola and canned raspberries. The buttermilk pancakes are made extra fluffy by making the batter the night before and chilling them overnight in the fridge. The yogurt treats are quick to make and then serve and while my guests were enjoying those I could start making the pancakes.

To take the pictures used I chose my reliable digital point-and-shoot the Pentax Optio W90. It has a special mode setting specifically for food and the color is really accurate and has good saturation. Using the small camera also made the whole process of making a meal in real-time while taking photos much less stressful (actually it was fun). I made sure there was plenty of light in the kitchen which helped the color as well.

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